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I added 3 boat traders, In my sqm  where it says text ="" I put BOAT DEALER. The circle is there in game but the text is not...  I am new to Arma 3. 

So how do you add text to the map?

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open mission.sqm (in the your mission.pbo Example: Exile.Altsi.pbo)


class Markers

add trader position and text. Example:

class Markers
  items = 2;
	class Item0 //Safe Zone Code
		position[] = {13642.5,-0.0010159,6330.87};
		name = SouthBoatTraderCity;
		text = "Boat Trader";
		markerType = ELLIPSE;
		type = ExileTraderZone;
		colorName = ColorBlue;
		fillName = SolidBorder;
		a = 100;
		b = 100;
		drawBorder = 1;
	class Item1 // Map Marker Text
	   position[] = {13642.5,-0.0010159,6330.87};
	   name = SouthBoatTraderMarker;
	   text = "Boat Trader City (Safe Zone)";
	   type = mil_dot;
	   colorName = ColorBlack;
	   a = 1;
	   b = 1;


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