Custom .DLL's are possible for ArmA 2 servers... but could they output a .json file every X minutes?

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I remember seeing a tutorial on Killzone Kids' ArmA scripting/programming website about making custom .dll's and how they can interact with ArmA.

It got me thinking that it would be quite handy if you could get ArmA 2/3 to spit out a json file every 5 minutes with information like:
Current map, current player count, player names, score, uptime etc.

This json data could then be used on your website to display current server status/info. Similar to TeamSpeak panels that show currently connected users, channel
names, etc.

I realize a lot of this info can be embedded into your site from places like GameTracker, but then you don't learn anything do you? :)

Anyone know if this sort of thing is possible? It's something I've been thinking about for a few months now but am a little out of my depth in terms of programming
knowledge. Would love to see it a reality.

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Yes it is possible, this is the way most mods who use DBs, interacts with them. 

You can write a custom extension and then execute commands on it through the game. 

There is a limitation on how much data you can send at once but you can just devided it on multiple calls, be careful though because an extension call is a scheduled execution so if the execution time is to long it can freeze your server. 

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