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From what i have heard all changes made on this server will be put in to Exile.
I would like to start with that i like the idea of you guys running a vanilla Exile server.
This server really shows the state of Core Exile at the moment and it was a bit of a revelation.
 I was really supprised how much our and other servers have changed due to scripting and tweaking in relation to Core Exile.
I think tru this server we can come to some sort of baseline for the mod If it comes to loot table,economy and weapon/vehicle balances.
It would be ideal to get to the point where it is a enjoyable standalone mod.

My two cents:

*No missions.
I forgot this wasnt in Exile and was the first thing i missed.
I also think this should be the first point to be adressed.
No way for players to know where the pvp hotzones are.
Would be cool for the Exile devs to create some original missions/capture points.
I would like to see some alternation between long-range,cqb and capture points missions.
This would mean your loadout has to make sense as well.

*Map Altis
This map has always been one of the least favorite arma maps from what i have heard.
I think adding a map like Cherno,Essenker or napf that people can relate to would do wonders for the mod.
I know this would severly increase the mod size but i think it should be considert.

I know a lot of people dislike zombies but zombies attract non arma players.
It would always be up to the server owner to turn on zeds but i think exileZ would increase the playerbase.

I think this is the absolute minimum thats needed to keep the official server populated.
Then there is a playerbase to test the different loot tables and trader prices on.
Right now the loot table and prices feel to hardcore as standalone.
And i think the best thing about Exile is that its combining Standalone players with king of the Hill player by offering a middle road.



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