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Bad Company Looking for Skilled players

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First off thanks for taking the time to read this. Next Bad Company is on a well established server with active admins that will treat you fair. There are several big gangs on our server that we wanna take head on were not looking to build a Army of out own but a hand full of players that can work together to take on the many. If this sounds like your cup of Joe then reply hear or send me a PM the choice is yours. we are in need of a Good Pilot that can do quick hot drops on a specific area and get out quick to act as recon for the men on the ground so if you like flying please send me contact me. more then one Pilot never hurts ether. aside from that people that know how to move in CQB call out contacts accurately. then the Long Gun that can nail some one from 1000m on the first shot. 
- A working mic
- TS 
- Follow the rule set by the server
- Mature attitude
Application: (Example)
Arma Hours: 1000 +
What skills can you bring to Bad Company?: I'm good in close quarters I.E. City
A little about you?: i was in the Marine Corps for 4 years.
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