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This thread is more directed at dev teams etc, where they don't really want to use voice to communicate with each other. 

If you are sick of Skype and it's shenanigans I would highly recommend Slack.

It is a text based communication platform designed for development teams. It has some really awesome features such as indenting code with syntax highlighting, channels and custom emotes.  It is lightweight on performance and is easy to setup. All that is required is an email, no doing a DNA test to use the program, unlike most chat clients. 


Let me know how you find it, I have been testing it out with @ka0s and have been finding it to be incredibly robust. 

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1 hour ago, Flosstradamus said:

Slack is only free up to a certain amount of users. We tried getting some of the Devs to switch but they like Skype to much

This is where I present to you: 


Now you can choose either and still communicate! 

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