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     My name is Cuda, and I'd like to thank you for looking at our post!

We are currently a smaller group of people looking to expand our ranks! Remixed Gaming curenty has an in development Exile Altis server, with Missions, strongholds, zombies, RHS, CUP, and TRYK, with many more scripts, put together and maintained by me, and our own Teamspeak 3 Server (IP address will be near the bottom). We are looking to expand mostly due to the new Exile mod server, as we want that to fill up as quickly as possible. We have a lot planned out for the clan and the server alike, and I hope that this can be a fun experience for everyone and anyone inside or outside of the clan! Any comments and suggestions are always welcome here as well. Anyone who decides to come on into the teamspeak will be spoken to by one of our fine administrators, and more than likely, if you decide you like the atmosphere of course, you will be accepted right away! Well, I hope to see a lot of new recruits in the coming days or weeks, I hope you have a great day!


Teamspeak Address :

Server Address :


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