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Killian KPCustoms

RHS Problem with Exile


I have a slight problem with Exile running with RHS USAF and Russian Forces mod.


Nuke loadout for any vehicle wont detonate/load into a vehicle.


I am on my own dedi server for me and a few friends.

Mods running:

CBA_A3 (modified exile_server.pbo to run CBA) -> (Somewhere I saw a topic on it)

Exile (latest)

RHS USAF And the russian one (Latest)




The vehicles spawn fine with infistar, has bombs that drop, etc.

The only issue I have that seems to happen within only exile is any form of nuke (Anti-hack-thingy? Well its not infistar, because editor doesnt even work too with exile loaded)


My process:

Spawn a bomber, select a nuclear loadout (I believe the others work fine), fly, attempt to drop bombs, however it only drops one bomb (Which is the default bomb that comes with the plane)

Bomb = little explosion, almost bigger than a grenade.


Im thinking its CBA problems still, but still unsure. Im looking through logs and it mentioned this:

16:11:18 [XEH]: usaf_b2 does not support Extended Eventhandlers! Addon: @USAF


PS dont give me shit about using CBA.

Ive heard enough of that crap already about it "creating exploits"

However I could not care less, because I would like a working server for me and my friends to use (It is password protected) that would actually support good mods *Cough cough CBA & Exile*



Honestly, an unprotected and CBA supported Exile mod would be nice to see along with the default.

(that "fix" for cba really doesnt do anything)

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