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Looking for experienced staff!

We use Exile infSTAR and would like to see experience with that

We also run our server on a dedicated server box that we have owned for over 2 years!


- 16+ in age

- Player on our server

- Knowledgeable about Arma

- Know basic Arma troubleshooting



TS3: ts3.orekingdom.com


Owner: JnKTechstuff

Edited by JnKTechstuff
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On 4/27/2016 at 2:49 PM, Metalman10 said:

What kind of scripts are you running?? Any screenshots in game? Also player base?

Basic scripts as of now, Towing, Ai MIssions

No screenshots yet

We have run other servers so we have a playerbase of different games but this is our first "real" arma server

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