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Have you ever pondered what life might be like should you decide to put down that delectable pizza Hot Pocket? Well I'm here to tell you if you join us <Fat Virgins> life will be heavenly like a full glass of liquid butter. I mean hell your greasy fingers will magically glide across that sticky keyboard like you're Beethoven playing a symphony as you wreck the nearest nerd with precision. So why the hell not, bro? I mean c'mon we all know you have nothing better to do than catch a slick monitor tan on a friday night, so why not make the best of that wasted life than with a group of overfed Americans, and Canadians? 


Why Fat Virgins you ask? Suh Duh, ffs we can teach you to believe that it is butter, and we have a Female! We do have a server too!


If you would like to play with a bunch of guys, and 1 female who fight over who can use the restroom in Target, or why Vape is Life, then I implore you to Left Click + Ctrl+C the link to our TS below and join the fight over why elementary school children should be allowed to carry handguns.





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