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How about instead of writing no description at all, at least give some idea of what is involved, and how much you are willing to pay? 

People's definition of "dev" these days range from: "The guy that knows how to install stuff" to "The guy who knows how to write a batch-file". 

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29 minutes ago, Tobias Solem said:

How about instead of writing no description at all, at least give some idea of what is involved, and how much you are willing to pay? 

People's definition of "dev" these days range from: "The guy that knows how to install stuff" to "The guy who knows how to write a batch-file". 

Yup. 100% Agreed.

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Stuff im looking for basically 

  • A3XAI

    A3XAI is a roaming/ambient AI spawning addon for ArmA 3 Exile mod. Support for Headless Client Included.

  •  Battleye Filters

    Create, Fix, or whitelist your BE Filters. They are known to be the most frustrating thing when running your server, and we are here to take that off of your head.

  •  Military Bases

    We can make custom military bases for any map, We can make anything from ground up in a 3D editor, Just tell us what you are looking for. We will place all the building serverside so no one can steal it from your mission PBO.

  •  Update PBOs on Restart

    This tool will take the frustration of waiting for server restarts to push your changes to your server. Easily work on your computer and when a restart hits, all your new changes will push into the server automatically.

  •  Headless Client Setup

    Headless Client is used to offload AI calculations from the server, it can be used to take load off the server for the heavy stuff and put it on the client, which can lead to higher server performance. We will set this up for you and run anything you want on it.

  •  Serverside Buildings and Traders

    Hide all your buildings and trader cities serverside where a pesky PBO thieves can’t reach. It will keep your server secure, unique and out of the hands of copy cats.

  •  Indestructible bases

    It’s exactly what it says, makes them Indestructible so no one can break them.

  •  Vehicle Service Points

    Proper vehicle service points around the map where you are able to refuel, repair and rearm your vehicles!

  •  Fast Time

    Fast Day/Night script. It can be configured to run as much day and as much night as you want. It will increase the speed of time on the server without any fast clouds on the sky.

  •  Status Bar

    Add a HUD on the bottom on your screen to show stats and information such as : Online Players, Hunger, Thirst, Temp, Compass, FPS, etc.

  •  Chernarus Open Buildings

    So you’re running a Chernarus Server, and well… you can’t really enter many buildings. So you’re kinda forced to add more buildings and map edits around the map. This script will replace most of the non enterable buildings on chernarus with altis/arma 3 style enterable buildings (and some AiA buildings). This can easily be adapted to work with any map of course. But if you want to do that, figure it out for yourself

  •  Loot Tables

    Custom Loot Tables for exilemod. We support all weapons, unit mods like : CUP, TRYK, RHS, HLC, and more. With rare, medium and high loot.

  •  Extra Inventory Buttons

    Allows the addition of two extra buttons to the bottom of your inventory. (fast deploying / opening things, etc.. in your inventory)

  •  Rank Loadouts

    Spawn Loadouts based on your respect. Higher the respect, better loadouts. You can also disable bambi status on these loadouts if you wish. Due to variety mods, you will have to add weapons, items on a rank yourself.

  •  UID Loadouts

    Loadout menu dialog on the spawn selection screen, support for donor and respect loadouts. Each loadout can be tied into a player or their respect. There is support for deducting money from the player when using a loadout. UIDs are recorded serverside.

  •  Loot Positions

    Loot Positions for 100s of buildings on different maps. These are some of the maps we support : Taviana Esseker Chernarus Bornholm You can request another map, just shoot us a support ticket.

  •  Trader City

    Make a fully unique and custom trader city just for you. We support almost all maps and all mods. We will prepare the trader city in the 3D editor will all the traders you wish you have in there.

  •  AdminToolkit

    This tool is used to administrate Arma3 multiplayer servers. It also supports an option to overwrite the sections for additional features.

  •  bAdmin

    Admin Panel from A3Wasteland ported and customized for exile Features: Player Management (Infos, Spectate, Kill). Player Markers. Shop Menu (No working yet). Add Poptabs. Add Score. Teleport Menu (Map Pos, To Player, Player to). Show Server FPS. Toggle God-mode.

  •  Air Drops

    Once you buy an Air Drop, The Drop Zone will be marked on the map and announced to every player. It will give you the random items worth your money.

  •  Presistent View Distance Menu

    Press 7 to activate. Put your view distance upto 5000m. Different settings for air,ground and on foot. Save your settings through restarts.

  •  DeathSpawn

    This system is designed to have “less” total zombies for the given individual but have harder zombies should the individual run into them.

  •  Selfie

    Selfie app allows the allows the player to take a screenshot from the front of their player.

  •  BRAma Recipies

    This App allows you to view from your xm8 all available crafting recipes and will show you everything required. Clicking Craft will open the regular exile crafting screen.

  •  Scratchies

    Scatchies is a lottery like game, you have a chance to win large, or win nothing at all.

  •  XM8 Security

    XM8 App that allows you to view and remote control your bases security cameras on your XM8. Comes with an alarm that can be activated to scare off any would be burglars! Nightvision & Thermal Vision included (Thermal can be disabled)

  •  8G Network Group Colors

    Allows players to see their group members as the same color when in the Players App in the XM8.

  •  Thermal Scanner App

    Allows players to upload their scans from Thermal Scanner Pro. Can enable/disable scroll menu on objects via the App, so you don’t accidentally waste scans when scrolling fast.

  •  Base Locator

    Allows players to test the location that they are standing on and see if you are able to build there.

  •  Map Marker App

    Allows players to make 6 private map markers that stay over restart/relogging. 9 changeable colors, 4 changeable descriptions, can turn on and off individual markers and change the location at will.

  •  Respect Transfer

    Allows players to Transfer Respect. Players can lose up to 10%(admin configurable) of transferred respect and 10+ players must be online to transfer(admin config.)

  •  Sarge’s AI System

    This is an AI system that is intended to simulate real players roaming the map, scavenging, looting and engaging in combat.

  •  Fast Travel System

    This script allows you to travel between markers very fast with a nice camera journey. Features: dynamic price (based on distance) dynamic travel time (based on distance) a nice camera journey easy to implement (using markers) easy to modify (only one array) server friendly.

  •  FuMS

    FuMS is a powerful mission system designed to be used by a Headless client.

  •  Advanced Vehicle System

    Fully configurable. Persistent vehicle ammo. Vehicle rearm system. Vehicle weapon and ammo blacklists (Including UAVs/Static Guns). Vehicle Thermal and Nightvision limits (Including UAVs/Static Guns). Custom persistent vehicle spawn system Fully supported by DM.

  •  VEMF

    A moderate and very stable mission system meant to be supreme at performance and reliability. Provides players with location/town invasion missions for now.

  •  Defent’s Mission System

    DMS comes highly customizable. We allow you to modify anything! 10+ pre-made missions. AI spawning via groups or singular AI calling. Not a single scripting thread run. Unscheduled clean up for better performance. AI Patrol settings (WIP) Dynamic missions Static missions And much more!

  •  Zeus

    Add Zeus Module to your exile server. This is allow you to spawn vehicles, AI, Control the AIs and spawn buildings, etc.

  •  Lock Pick System

    Currently Exile bases, safes and cars are impossible to raid properly. With this addon I wanted to bring to Exile Mod the possibility of raiding.

  •  Helicrash and Drop

    This script allows you to add helicopter crashes and supply drops to your mission.

  •  Loading Screen

    Displays a custom screen just as the player loads in.

  •  Blackjack

    Blackjack Game for ExileMod, play – get lucky – win big rewards.

  •  Taru Pod Repair & Lock

    This script will allow the locking, unlocking, and repairing of all taru pods using the scroll menu. I was sick of having to bind user action 1 to lock and unlock and there was no repair option for taru pods. Unless they were attatched to the taru.

  •  Login Reward

    This script will add login rewards to your Exile server. It rewards the player with items added to his inventory. The script has a built in progress system with ten different tiers of rewards.

  •  Reserved Slots

    Reserved slots for admins or donators. This will kick regular players out until there is more room for regular slots. Add in their UID in the script to give them access to the reserved slots.

  •  eXpanded Logging

    Expanded DB logging for various things like : Player History Persistant Vehicle History Container History Locking History Sell History WasteDump Sell History Item Purchase History Vehicle Purchase History Vehicle PaintJob History Construction History Send and Receive.

  •  Mod Missing Warning

    This gives a warning to players joining if they dont have the mod on the server. On Spawn it brings up a HUD and offers a hyperlink for the downloads needed. The smaller box will stay on screen for 1 minute then disappears.

  •  Deploy Vehicle

    This is what you need if you want a player to spawn… eerr…request a bike/quad bike or any other vehicle on spawn.

  •  Revive

    Custom made Revive Script for Exile! Players need a defibrillator to perform a CPR on a knocked out player.

  •  EVR Blowout

    A super EMP blowout,can destroy any thing whole map. If you want anti the blowout need find a APSI to protect yourself.

  •  Hide Body

    Gives a scroll option on a dead player to hide his/her body to remove traces of activity in the area or to get rid of the gear on the body.

  •   Zupa’s Capture Points

    An independent addon for your Exile server. It will spawn random bases on the map which the player can go to and start capturing. This creates PVP magnets with decent rewards.

  •  Humanity System

    Dayz Style Humanity System is coming to ExileMod ! This script was made to replace respect with Humanity based gameplay.

  •  IgiLoad

    The main task for IgiLoad script is to allow delivery of boxes and vehicles in larger vehicles. Smaller vehicles like ATV’s and SUVs can be loaded into larger trucks or helicopters.

  •  Watermark Logo

    Very small script that lets your place an image on the bottom on your screen. It can be used to brand your server, advertise or show an important message or symbol.

  •  Secure Safezones

    This script is made to ensure your full safety in a safezone by stopping other people to steal your vehicle and/or its contents. Fully customizable and easy to install, this should hopefully remove the big hassle of having an admin punishing safezone thieves all the time and make this process automated.

  •  Welcome Messages

    Credit Styled Welcome Messages For ExileMod. Whenever a new player or a Bambi spawns in and parashoots, You get these Beautiful Credits for a Warm Welcome to every new spawn. These can work in any map and compatible with the ExileMod Spawn Selection Menu.

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Ok, before you wreck yourself, allow me to explain a bit here and be the helpful moderator :P 

AI Systems: 

A3XAI - Discontinued, is no longer being developed. 
- I wouldn't recommend anybody using it, it's way outdated, and bugged as hell. 

FuMS - Also known as Fulcrums Mission System, heard a lot of good stuff about it during Epoch time, I tried setting it up when it was initially released on the forums here, but it was riddled with bugs, and was a huge performance hog, not sure if it's any better now. 

VEMF - Vampire's Epoch Mission Framework, it's  not exactly a mission framework, but a invasion framework, this system just creates town invasions, but it works well. 

Sarge's AI System - Well it kinda already explains "This AI system should not be used with other AI systems that can not accommodate friendly factions." I used it for a while, but wasn't really fond of it, it has been updated since then, but if you're using other mission systems it may conflict. 

DMS - Best mission framework so far, very performance friendly, highly customisable and easy to add new missions to it. You can use it in conjunction with ......


Admin wise: 

AdminToolKit & bAdmin, why run both? o.O


As for the rest, there is a shit ton of scripts you want to have installed, but keep in mind that some of it may be incompatible with each other, and some of them are known performance hogs as well. 


I wish you good luck though, but if I were you I would almost cut that list down to the half of it's size already, because that is simply too much, and I take you're not known with Arma servers. Do yourself a favor, this is not to be an asshole or anything, but try and read the descriptions of all scripts, they all contain install instructions, there is absolutely no need to pay someone 300 bucks. 

That being said, if you do not have time to learn this stuff, how do you find time to run and administrate a server? :)


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So not to knock on your parade or anything but are you willing to pay $300 every time a patch is released ?

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