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Hey guys,

Awhile back I made a tutorial on how to use Exile's crafting system to make some pretty cool stuff. You guys have heard the call and been making amazing recipes.

So I decided to make a new thread were you guys can post your recipes and people looking for inspiration can have a "one stop shop" for a lot of cool shtuff.

If you are looking for a tutorial on how to make recipes hit up my Old tutorial (which I will be remaking in a better fashion) here:

At one point I didn't want to share all of my recipes (still don't) but I will share with you guys all of the ones from my old server. I am working on quiet a bit more.

I will not be listing Extended Base Mod recipes because it comes with point there.

So if you want your recipes just post them before and periodically I will throw them on here with credit to you.

Here are a few of mine (more to come...)

There isn't much there but ill be adding a lot more and update when I can. That is my old servers stuff and because I am working on my new server and haven't fully tested everything I wont be adding the new recipes.

So let's see what you guys got! Post your recipes below and have fun with it. What can we make from the junk laying around in Exile??

Suppressors from tin cans and duct tape, Base Cameras from junk metal toilet paper and a code lock (why a code lock? it has electrical parts)

Ill be spending most of the day tomorrow racking my own brain on this so.....make me work harder by coming up with stuff before I can post my own ;)



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