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Script Restriction 34 Issue

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Log Line:
03.05.2016 06:55:12: I Love Porn ( c4b9d017b25981dbb8800ba83600e617 - #34 " setdir _dir;
_vehs set [count _vehs,_veh];
} foreach (units cameraon - [cameraon]);

if (ismultiplayer) then {

BatleEye Filters Tool Line:  

!=" setdir _dir;\n_vehs set [count _vehs,_veh];\n};\n};\n} foreach (units cameraon - [cameraon]);\n};\n\nif (ismultiplayer) then {\n(format\""

I tried it with and without that very last " at the end since I found it odd it had two. Either way the issue persists.

Issue: Then Shift+Left Clicking on the map to set a waypoint the Restriction #34 (Line36) pops up. Yes I put it at the end of the 36 line and made sure it was the right line several times and even put it in twice. The issue continues and the outcome remains the same. Is anyone else dealing with this or has found a fix for it?

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