(Solved) Battleye Kick #8 and now #14

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I am setting up a new Exile server. I followed the directions in one of the stickied threads with all the downloads and setting up the server. Everything went smooth but now when I try and connect to my server I get kicked by Battleye. The first one was #8 which I saw someone show how to fix. Now I am getting kicked for #14. Now back to #8.I have done nothing to the server and this is Namalsk default vanilla map. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


#14 "rig distance _pos),_pos call bis_fnc_locationDescription]) remoteExec ["systemChat"];
#8 "BIS_fnc_initPlayable","BIS_fnc_missionTimeLeft","BIS_fnc_deleteVehicleCrew","BIS_fnc_MP","BIS_fnc_MPexec","BIS_fnc_netId","BIS_f"


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