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Hi Guys,

Im having an issue with Infistar kicking players randomly when traveling between trade zones in the Taxi system (part of DMS Occupation addon). What I'm seeing is that randomly players are kicked by infistar and the following is logged in the server logs:


20:42:49 "<infiSTAR.de>HL| <PlayerName> | <PlayerName> | 2h 11min 38s | TP with AI as driver..  Moved 28m in 0.154053s (from [5785.02,6653.84,140.439] to [5805.37,6673.68,128.673]). TopSpeed of Exile_Chopper_Mohawk_FIA is 300 speed was 664.183. Player FPS: 18.6263.   [31-Mar-2016 21-11-10 - v0043]"
20:42:49 "<infiSTAR.de>KICKLOG| <PlayerName> ID: 7   [31-Mar-2016 21-11-10 - v0043]"
20:42:49 Successfull attempt to execute serverCommand '#kick <PlayerName>' by server.
20:42:49 "<infiSTAR.de>ConnectLog| #0 Disconnected: <PlayerName> ID: 18 SteamName: <PlayerName>   [31-Mar-2016 21-11-10 - v0043]"

Has anyone had experienced on this and figured out a way to have the player's speed report properly?


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