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Talking about common RPT error



I asking myself about massive message in RPT and wanna ask community to know if some people can explain some on these :P ?

I get a 4h uptime server RPT logfile: 70.000 line 

The mostest message get spammed (my case) was this


Server: Network message 154c299 is pending

The part 154c299 can change 

I see some people talking about this since 2013 :/


13:34:46 Error: Object(7 : 61) not found
Client: Object 26:58 (type Type_91) not found.
Server: Object 2:10820 not found (message Type_328)


With (7 : 61) can be different



Message not sent - error 0, message ID = ffffffff, to 2046349733 ([No Mercy]SiiFire)
13:40:00 NetServer::SendMsg: cannot find channel #1404705323, users.card=24
"params" <BIS_fnc_selectRandom> #2: Input value is 'nil' or undefined. Default value "-1" is used instead.
Attempt to override final function - bis_fnc_missiontaskslocal
Cannot create non-ai vehicle ,
Wrong vertex mapping for person collision geometry found in a3\characters_f_epc\civil\c_nikos_aged.p3d. Selection 1c not found
Warning: Cleanup player - person 2:10563 not found
Server: Object info 8:113 not found during Changing Owner

Well hope somebody can explain some of these error

Thanks in advance :)

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