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Next is my Namalsk trader. On my Namalsk server I had a single trader and he didn't sell certain items. He was located on the land bridge in what I dubbed "The Outpost". The traders included a "community trader", which is the one that sold certain categories of stuff, Office trader, Waste dump trader and two guards (For visual effect). There's a fire to warm up with and a source of dirty water.

Files included:

InitPlayerLocal.sqf: Positions for the traders. Gets placed in your mission.sqm
CommunityCustoms.txt: Code that needs to be put into your mission pbo's config.cpp to the community trader will have the categories defined.
a3_custom.pbo: Contains the items that make up The Outpost, goes into your server's @ExileServer\addons folder.



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Here are all of the addons I made for Namalsk. You can merge this a3_custom.pbo with the one from the Namalsk traders if you use that one. There's a lot of stuff added around the map. Too many to include screenshots. Place the a3_custom.pbo in your @ExileServer\addons folder.

Some media (not everything):


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3 hours ago, InsertCoins said:

what's the vokurta light one? checked it out but didnt see a lot of changes

It's just some spot lights placed around Vorkuta, I think mainly around the construction site if I remember correctly.

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