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Ghost Kage

Feature Suggestion: Vehicle Engine Temperature

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First of all, I want to say thank you to the developers for this awesome mod. I am a new player as of about a week ago and I have had an absolute blast with Exile. I think a large part of this is due to how clean and complete the mod feels in addition to all of the great features the developers have obviously spent many hours implementing. This mod has brought back an adrenaline filled experience that I don't think any other mod has captured since the original DayZ mod. With that being said, I had an idea for a unique feature I have not seen in any other games and I wanted to share it with the community and developers:

Engine Temperature

So, this would not be in the classical sense of a vehicle getting warm and overheating - often seen in other types of games. This is engine temperature in a tactical means in which players can determine if a car or motorized vehicle has recently been running. Similar to how players are able to interact with a dead body and identify them, players would be able to scroll up on a found vehicle and select the option of "Feel Hood" or "Check Engine Temperature" or something to this extent. The player would then be provided with information in the form of one of the following messages:

0-5 Minutes Since Use: "The vehicle hood is hot to the touch."

6-15 Minutes Since Use: "The vehicle hood is warm to the touch."

15-20 Minutes Since Use: "The vehicle hood is slightly warm."

21+ Minutes Since Use: "The vehicle hood is cool to the touch". 

Obviously times could be adjusted for balance and realism, these are just times I came up with off the top of my head. This feature would allow players to determine if a vehicle they have located has possibly been abandoned or was recently used by another player or group. Due to the fact I am not a game developer I have no idea what type of coding, scripting, or performance toll this type of feature would entail, it was just something I thought of today while playing the game. Hope to hear from you all as to what you think about this!

-Ghost Kage

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This is already acheieved if you are using anything that bas thermal optics, it will show a car that has recently been running in a glowing manner similar to how a person would glow.

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