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Restriction #0 repeats after being added to scripts.txt

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Added the following line in my scripts.txt

#0 "KindOf _classFilter}) then {
if (configProperties [_x >> "EventHandlers" >> "CBA_Extended_EventHandlers"] isEqualTo []) then {


!="KindOf _classFilter}) then {\nif (configProperties [_x >> \"EventHandlers\" >> \"CBA_Extended_EventHandlers\"] isEqualTo []) then {\n\n"

This is entered into line 2 which is for the #0 restriction line. Once checking logs after going onto my server its still producing the error. Even though i have placed this allready. Begining to wonder if it needs placing in multiple times for it to work or theres something that might fix the line. I do think that its a broken line thats not functioning correctly. 

Similar to this one.


#0 "["\x\cba\addons\events\fnc_addClientToServerEventhandler.sqf",".sqf",0,false,false,false,"CBA","Events","addClientToServerEventh"


Others similar to this end with:

#0 "["\x\cba\addons\xeh\fnc_compileEventHandlers.sqf",".sqf",0,false,false,false,"CBA","XEH","compileEventHandlers"]"


Is the line broken and needs finishing up so it would read correctly or am i just over thinking this and its perfectly normal?

I can product my scripts.txt if on request to check if i have done something wrong.


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Seems like i fixed the above. Now these 2 seems to replicate.

#0 "rEach _lineIntersectsObjs;

player removeAllEventHandlers 'GetOutMan';
player addEventHandler ['GetOutMan', _GetOu"
#0 "d";

if (isNil "BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler") then {
_pfhIdd = uiNamespace getVariable "CBA_PFHIDD";

Tried to add them to the filters. As follows:

!="rEach _lineIntersectsObjs;\n			\n			};\n			\n\nplayer removeAllEventHandlers 'GetOutMan';\nplayer addEventHandler ['GetOutMan', _GetOu"

!="d\";\ndisableSerialization;\n;\n\nif (isNil \"BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler\") then {\n_pfhIdd = uiNamespace getVariable \"CBA_PFHIDD\";\n"

Is there a fix for this?

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