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Howdy folks,

Figure I would show-off some of my work in spicing up the Altis map a bit. I felt the Southeast part of the map was lacking a little content so I added a trader group at the airfield. Also, I added a few traders to the central airport and reworked the main aircraft trader (helped with aircraft spawning to close to the building). I haven't touched neither the West nor Northeast trader and probably won't as those seem fine to me, however knowing me, I'll probably end up messing with those too. A big thanks to @Hollow for releasing the HVP/HWP packs which initially gave me the idea for new traders. Also, major kudos to @maca134 for releasing the m3editor tool.


arma3 2016-05-09 09-18-41-44.jpg

arma3 2016-05-09 09-19-59-42.jpg

arma3 2016-05-09 09-21-02-38.jpg

arma3 2016-05-09 09-21-36-45.jpg

arma3 2016-05-09 09-22-18-32.jpg

arma3 2016-05-09 09-22-55-50.jpg

arma3 2016-05-09 09-23-41-22.jpg

arma3 2016-05-09 09-24-25-47.jpg

arma3 2016-05-09 09-24-51-67.jpg

arma3 2016-05-09 09-51-57-45.jpg

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