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Adding my own traders to my server safezone not working


hi I setup my own trader on my server using m3 editor the trader works fine but when I add the safezone markers the blue circle it does not save and when I upload the trader after adding the trigger it does not show the trader as a safezone does anyone have a way to add the marker to the trader because I have no idea when I add it in it the editor {M3 editor}does not save it to its script how do I get it to save to my m3 editor trader script or do I have to add the trigger script myself if so where do I get that from thanksss

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Refer to mission.sqm - class markers

Safezone markers look like this, just change names and coordinates and you should be good to go.


		class Item0
			position[]={6330.98, 0, 7800.99};
			name = "StaryTraderCity";
			text="Stary Trader City";
			markerType = "ELLIPSE";
			type = "ExileTraderZone";
			colorName = "ColorBlue";
			fillName = "SolidBorder";
			a = 150;
			b = 150;
			drawBorder = 1;


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