Audeamus [WD] Squad - Recruiting players! (EU - Panthera)

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We are a friendly squad of 4 players (Age average: 20) who are currently performing very well on a high population Panthera Exile server.
We are looking to expand our players so that we are able to man our large military vehicles with
gunners, and have more men for raids and missions.

You should contact us if you are:
- 17+
- English speaking
- Have a good understanding of Exile
- Don't mind following basic orders (We aren't hardcore
- Can play more than 3-4 times a week.

We are just looking for more players to have fun with, and we are a bunch of friendly guys!

Interested? Add me on skype: Aspheriaaa or steam:

P.S We get up lots of fun activities suchas: Base raids, Road Ambushes, Missions, Long distance operations, Convoys etc.


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You still looking for players ?

I took a break from exile but want to come back to it 

So if your still looking im intressted in it will add you on skypen when I get home


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