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2 hours ago, Metalman10 said:

if you did that wouldnt it get all the items in the " Industrial " and spawn it? But i think im not sure it would be this, i may be wrong.


let me know if that works

Thanks for answering, but is not it i want, i want is make this script like loot spawn like in buildings, i define who "group"/table is, and he work with this percentages.

Default exile loot spawn:

	class land_1
		table = "Industrial";
		positions[] = {{14.0977, 9.27832, -5.30631},{-6.3584, 8.4375, -5.30632},{-14.2788, 8.0957, -5.30632}};

I want to usse item table in this script, and script work like loot spawn with percentagens.

I do not know if I am expressing myself well and is understand me, I hope so. xD

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Spawn with loot table work with percentage you set by item, no?

This script work by default with same chance from all items, 100% divided by all items, so all itens have the same chance to spawn, i want he work same default loot spawn from exile, each item have diferente chance to spawn.

sorry for not expressing myself well.

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