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43 minutes ago, GamersRoost said:

I tried to install your "improved" version this morning. Since its not updated (as i put on your release thread) it has its issues. So i tried to install the viewdistance app.

Changing 2 files for one result seems way over kill for a modular script.

The original XM8 app by @Shix was perfectly fine, with a crap ton of support.

Why you decided to make an entire new one that is in effect the EXACT Same visually is beyond me but Google mentality "meh, who cares".

If you wanted to I'm sure you could have coded your repair script, which is the only reason i even thought about installing, to work with his XM8, and added exceptional value to the community.

Everyone has their reasons, but this one is a *boggle* to me.

I will go back to what works and what is easiest to use.  


1:  I didn't make the improved version of XM8 Apps or the repair script, I just released a fix for the apps system (Which works on my server perfectly, as should it on yours). "Changing 2 files for one result" Don't know what you mean by this?

2: I made a new one because visually it looks better and its persistent through server restarts. (See attached Image at the bottom)

3: If you don't want to use it, then don't. I make these scripts primarily for my server and decide to share them to other servers so they can benefit from it.

4: There is absolutely no need to even update the view distance script, it works perfect between the previous Exile and Arma 3 versions.

5: Rather than coming onto a forum and complaining other peoples scripts are "outdated" or "Not working", Perhaps learn to fix them yourself as apposed to bitching at people for releasing things you cant work out how to get to work, following the most basic instructions.

6: Did you read my comment you quoted? 

43 minutes ago, GamersRoost said:
  • The Script does not take away any buttons, "Territory" button is shrunk to half size instead.
  • When XM8 is closed and opened last opened slide will be on, same way as Exile`s slides.
  • The apps follow a standardised framework, making it easy to implement new apps / modify current ones.
  • All functions used are Compiled to prevent script kiddies modifying stuff.
  • The improved system prevents IDC clashing between apps.
  • The improved system pre-loads code when the XM8 is opened and slides can be updated when the app is opened.
  • Has the capability for more apps.
  • The apps are central.  (Joined a random server and print screened the apps page)
  • Blank apps are non existent on improved, however on original they have blank buttons with rollover effects and are clickable.

Thats just the few things I came up with wrong with the other apps system. So "this one is a *boggle* to me", hope that clears some stuff up for you :)


7: You commented with the issue 2 hours ago, and I replied within the hour, what more do you want for response time....... Not to mention you didn't include any RPT log. I can only assume the error you have is due to incorrect installation of the XM8 Apps script, most likely because you didn't copy something correctly or set a variable incorrect.

I spend a lot of time helping people on the forums and outside of the forums despite @Goblin telling me not to do so. Just a few people over the time I have helped: @zombietop @Harri Hansen @speedweasel @xxkrystalxx @MadRoller @HeadRox


I ALWAYS invite people to come onto my Teamspeak and am willing to take time out of my day to help them with their issues, its people like you thinking there entitled to this that make people like me less inclined to help you.

You are still welcome to join my Teamspeak is you still require help: ts.igugaming.com



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On 5/19/2016 at 5:53 AM, Jamie said:

Thought I would share this simple script for the Improved XM8 Apps. It is very easy to make apps using this framework and I suggest everyone use it :)

Be sure to open the ReadMe file for installation instructions.

GitHub:  https://github.com/jamchiv01/XM8_Apps_ViewDistance






Sneak Preview of what XM8 Apps Improved helped me do:


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Tried the link, page not found

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