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West Coast Defence is a huge international gaming community. We have over 500 players from 43+ countries. With hundreds of dedicated ArmA players of which many play Exile mod.

We Schedule and maintain our own servers. Now including Exile.

Have tens of thousands of recruitment views across other ArmA mods.

Our community are all over 18yo but many are over 30yo. No matter if you are in your 60s we have players in your age range.

WCD is friendly, organized and above all great fun. Our events have 20+ players minimum playing exile, Breaking Point and Epoch.

We are here to start recruiting Exile players for our community and for our server. Promo artwork below.

We are running multiple Exile events per week and today our WCD Exile Enhanced server goes live.

Server Features-

-Unique skins, WCD flagpole and NPCs, get yourself as a vendor in game!

-Dozens of extra vehicles

-A tuned zombies and demons mod

-PvP zones and multiple missions packs

-Free public TS rooms available at wcd.enjinvoice.com

- 24/7 Admin support as we span across 43 countries and have an experienced admin team.

Connect today WCD Exile Enhanced.

WCD also offers its community access to Alpha/Betas (21 this year alone) a unique WCD shop. daily live streaming and a social network platform.

A great ArmA community perfect for anyone of any age or talent. Our numbers ensure good server population too.

Join our community directly here.


WCD Promo Wallpaper exile-2.jpg

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