[GUIDE]  Easy Arma 3 Server Startup Parameters

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I will tell you guys how to setup startup parameters for your server easily.

First create your startup line like mine:

start "Exile" /wait /high C:\Games\Exile\arma3server.exe -profiles=C:\Games\Exile\@ExileServer\Exile -bepath=C:\Games\Exile\@ExileServer\BattlEye -ranking=C:\Games\Exile\@ExileServer\Ranking\Ranking.log -config=C:\Games\Exile\@ExileServer\Config.cfg -cfg=C:\Games\Exile\@ExileServer\Basic.cfg -par=C:\Games\Exile\@ExileServer\StartupParameters.cfg

Then create a new file called "StartupParameters.cfg" and insert this:


No more syntax errors or long startup parameters in 1 line. Any startup parameter in a new line and works great. Only -path parameters need to be in the startup parameters, dosnt work right in the StartupParameters.cfg file.

I hope this will help some people :-) 



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