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Individual Vehicle system

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I need some help creating script. What i am after is more of a role-play feature. As player progress he can buy more and more expensive vehicles and spawn this vehicle on his position every (random) 30 min for example. But some rules to this will apply.

1. Player cannot own vehicle already or I am considering making app where u can chose what vehicle to spawn on you.

2. Player vehicle must not exist in exile world or vehicle is destroyed/deleted from world with items inside it if spawned.


I already made changes to all prices on my server. U wont be able to drive car in first few days in Exile and finding or buying sniper rifle is like winning lottery . That why i need this script.

I believe reputation system can be the answer to this but i have  something else in mind for this already.


On the side. I am playing with arma 3 editor adding some life to Namalsk map. Here is few screens so you can see what i am after.

PS. after finish all will be in map section for download.


plain namalsk



and here some changes to it.


Thanks and see you soon. Off to the beach :)



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