ACD - Arma3 Containers And Decorations

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ACD - Arma3 Containers And Decorations

This mod adds 115 containers and over 700 decoration elements to use inside Eden editor
or with plain scripting. Mod does not add any new models, it uses only models already found in Arma3.
Maximum load for containers is calculated according to common sense and model size. In addition,
all containers have 15k version, maximum load in them is big enough to hold plenty of items.

Addon include functions to create ready to use scripts to create objects ingame. To do that
place several objects in Eden editor >> select them >> hover mouse over one of them >> right click
>> select "Export to script" and then a type of script. This will copy ready script to clipboard.


Most of decoration objects provided in this addon are already configured in arma, however, 
sometimes they have PhysicX simulation, which is not appropriate in all cases. All decorations
in this addon have "house" simulation (they will not be affected by gravity or hits) and can 
not be destroyed.

It is worth mentioning, addon have all trees, bushes, rocks and flowers, in case if someone 
wish to make a nice looking garden in their mission :)

In addition, you will find acd_Namalsk.pbo in optional folder. It will add 135 decoration items
and 28 containers. Those vehicles use models found in Namalsk map

Steam workshop
Google drive

This mod adds vehicles, this mean it have to be installed both on clients and server.
It should not be optional, otherwise clients without mod will not see objects.

  1. Place "@acd" folder in your arma3 root folder.

Servers with Namalsk map may require you to have acd_Namalsk.pbo as well,
it is found in "@acd\optional\" folder, copy paste it into "@acd\addons\" folder.

I have plans to include objects from AIA/CUP, this is hard thing to do due to amount of models.
If you feel like helping me in this work, send me PM here.

This work licensed under GPLv3. Your are free to use it in your own projects, however please give
credits to original author.

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