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I've got a problem here on a server that's being worked on currently.. Can't seem to fix it.
I've added all the items into the config, I can see them in the trader's list and ingame. But when I click click one a message shows "Bad Vehicle Type (Class name)" For ex.

Bad Vehicle Type "TRYK_US_ESS_Glasses"

Also all items in the trader are blank with just a price showing.
What can I do to fix all this?

Thanks in advance!

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You've probably only added the items to class CfgExileArsenal (around line 720ish) in your config.cpp hence why your not seeing anything at the traders. You also need to add the items to class CfgTraderCategories (around line 3290ish) in the config.cpp ;) Follow the format in the config.cpp and all will work correctly.

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