Fragen wegen BaseAttack

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Kennt sich einer aus mit dem script  exile_vemf_reloaded BaseAttack

Kann man das aus machen das die AI base angreifen und durch wände glitchen

oder einfach die ai BaseAttack  aus machen kann



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In der Config unter..

class BaseAttack // BaseAttack (mission) settings
                        aiSetup[] = {2,5}; // format: {amountOfGroups,unitsInEachGroup};
                        allowLaunchers = yes; // Allow/disallow AI to have rocket launchers
                        hasLauncherChance = 25; // In percentage. How big the chance that each AI gets a launcher
                        maxAttacks = 5; // Maximum amount of active attacks at the same time | can not be turned off
                        minimumLevel = 2; // Minimum required level of base before it can get attacked
                        randomModes = no; // Enable/disable the randomization of the AI mode for this mission-type
                            1) every territory flag can only be attacked once every restart
                            2) only players within a certain range of the attacked territory can see the mission announcement
                            3) as a "punishment" for killing AI, players do NOT get any respect increase/decrease for killing AI



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