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I've been trying to get my exile server up and running, the only thing I've manage to do efficiently is install Badmin (which kinda sucks). Anyway, I have the mods on my server, I can't find a start bat file or anything to launch the mods. On SurvivalServers, under my server, there is a Custom Launch Parameters checkbox, I've tried checking that, which brings down a text box. I've then tried typing @mymodsnames, (@CBA_A3;@CUP Vehicles; etc.., didn't work (server disappeared from list on A3launcher), also tried -mod=@mymodsnames ... still didn't work and removed my server from a3 launcher. 

Also, I can't run battleye on my server because I get a restriction #0 and I have no idea how to setup BE. 

I work a lot and was wanting to set this up for a friends clan and play on it when I had time. But I really don't have time to invest into getting this running, it's a lot more complicated (for me) than I thought it would be. 

Would anyone be willing to set it up for me, name your price... ?

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On survivorrest if i remember correctly if you use the custom mod launch

You will have to add 


The way they have it setup is crap 

Anyway Do this and it will/should work.

If it still does not you probably need to add @extdb; as well

Anyway good luck.


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