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Ok first let me start by saying "I am not a videographer" I am a programmer.. be happy it has some music.. lol

I am getting ready to finish up a little auction script mod.

I am putting up this pre-release video so people can make suggestions, requests before I release it next week.

Still need to clean up the code, add in paging etc.

All data is persistent, the auction backend is run by the server.

No custom server calls etc.. all Exile security in place.

Auction items go into "Auction House Storage" when won or expired.

If users are online they will get notified about won auction, out bidding, expired auctions etc.

Not tied to CfgExileArsenal, uses its own config.

You have fine grained control over what and can't be auctioned. If its not in the list, it cant be auctioned.

If you add a description to an item, it will overwrite the Arma description.


short piece of config so far, need to swap out more hard coded into settings



class CfgAuctionHouse
    class Settings {
        Server_Debug = 1;
        Client_Debug = 1;
        Use_ADVBanking = 1;
        AuctionSellFee = 3;
        Auction_Listing_Fee_Percent = 1;
        Min_Auction_Listing_Fee = 1;
        BuyNow_Listing_Fee_Percent = 2;
        Min_BuyNow_Listing_Fee = 1;
        Allow_Listing_Fee_From_Bank = 0;
        Allow_Bid_From_Bank = 0;
        Allow_BuyNow_From_Bank = 0;
        Give_Player_Respect_For_Listing = 0;
        Respect_For_Listing_Percent = 1;
        AuctionStorageLifeTime = 3600 * 96;
    class CfgAuctionTimes
        class AH_Time1                                        { id = 1; seconds = 43200;  name = "12 Hours"; };
        class AH_Time2                                        { id = 2; seconds = 86400;  name = "1 Day"; };
        class AH_Time3                                        { id = 3; seconds = 172800; name = "2 Days"; };
        class AH_Time4                                        { id = 4; seconds = 259200; name = "3 Days"; };
        class AH_Time5                                        { id = 5; seconds = 345600; name = "4 Days";  isDefault = "1"; };
    class CfgAuctionCategories
        class AH_Ammunition { 
            id = 12;  
            allow_auction = 1; 
            name = "Ammunition"; 
            picture = "\A3\Weapons_F_EPA\Data\ui\M_6Rnd_revolver_CA.paa"; 
        class AH_Assault_Rifles { 
            id = 16;  
            allow_auction = 1; 
            name = "Assault Rifles"; 
            picture = "\A3\Weapons_F_beta\Rifles\MK20\Data\UI\gear_Mk20_X_CA.paa"; 


    class CfgAuctionItems

        class arifle_Katiba_C_F                                 { category = 16;  allow_auction = 1; };
        class arifle_Katiba_F                                     { category = 16;  allow_auction = 1; };
        class acc_flashlight                                     { category = 4;  allow_auction = 1; description = "A tool to help you see in the dark, but may gave away your position.";};



Let me know what you think, and if I missed anything important.


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I think it would be nice if you could toggle the airdrop on and off since some servers could disable almost all other traders and this auction house would be the only source of weapons, vehicles and other things if you want to buy something, so if this would be the case it would suck to wait for the airdrop every time you want to buy little things.

But looks good so far!

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This would truly make a for more of a survivor  if you removed all trader's but the food/drink and vehicle trader let the players make whats able to be bought and sold like guns ammo etc etc liking this mod .

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Hey guys thanks for the comments...

Vehicles is planned for the release... 

I will add setting to to allow taking from auction storage on the main auction screen.. in so far as removing the "Air Drop" just don't install the XM8 part :)
Wow more GUI layout fun.. lol

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On 5/27/2016 at 6:49 AM, Warsheep said:

realy nice. 
it would be also nice when u can add vehicles/safes/tents from abandoned timer wher u can beat on it. 

Warsheep, I am not really sure what you mean. Can you or someone explain that a little more. Please keep in mind, I have only been playing Arma for a month or so, and most of that has been Exile Mod, until the server I played on keep giving the Memory Allocation Error. I decided to take a break from playing till it got sorted and start looking at the programming side. The auction script is not a "port" from something else, it is built by me and only for Exile :) 

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