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Hi guys and gals. Would someone show me the right layout for creating an array for a crafted object? So, for example, if I wanted to have the option to use either a screwdriver OR cordless screwdriver when crafting an object?

Not sure if it should look like this maybe, in the tools[]=



Also, could this be applied to the required materials too? So, if you could use a better prisoners mag OR bog roll to craft a bandage?


Thanks for the help friends :)

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class Exile_Melee_Axe: Exile_AbstractCraftingRecipe
	name = "Craft Axe";				// Name of crafting recipe
	pictureItem = "Exile_Melee_Axe";           	// What Picture the item will use
	requiresFire = 1;				// Self Explanatory
	requiredInteractionModelGroup = "WorkBench";	// Must have a work bench in order to build it, leave blank if doesn't require workbench.
	returnedItems[] =
		{1, "Exile_Melee_Axe"}			// Item you want to craft
     components[] =
		{1, "Exile_Item_JunkMetal"},		// Items needed to craft object.
		{1, "Exile_Item_WoodLog"}
		category = "Items";			// For Barma Cookbook, adds it to a category of items

Edit: It appears I misread your question. Not too sure how to do, will look into it myself.

Edited by Mr Sin

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That's ok man, I do that all the time :D

That was actually helpful for something else though, as, I was trying to work out how to add my own classes to Barma recipes and thus, there be the answer :)

So much thanks!

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