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Safe Access is broken


So I've been experiencing this weird glitch where safes are having issues. Multiple issues and they are all weird. So I log into server after restart and all my safes are unlocked (and they were locked prior to restart) and i can see the inventory - but no scroll menu to lock them. Another glitch is when they are locked, no matter where you look at the safe (front, sides, back) there is no option to unlock them. An admin can come and get the lock command on the scroll wheel or use "7" command to bring up the scroll wheel option, but players cannot. Its almost as if the safes are acting like a regular wood box and the detection to enter a code is not happening.  This just started happening today. Its reproducible on every safe on the map that I tried. This is a game breaking mechanic right now, TOTALLY. Has anyone else had this happen or can shed light on this?


Maybe the server is not detecting a player near the safe? But this seems unlikely. Im just grasping at straws here.. some feedback from ANYONE having this or similar safe issues would be awesome.. Thanks. 


EDIT -- when the safes glitch open (with no scroll menu to lock/unlock) you have full access both to see items and put in and take out items, again acting more like a wood crate than a safe!  

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9 hours ago, BetterDeadThanZed said:

So was this discussed someplace else and that's why there's no further comments on this topic? My server has a new DB so no one has a safe yet, but this is bad if it's an issue.

I don't think much is posted because it's not a common issue. I've had no problems with it.

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