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Base Size to Crew Size

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This may just be me but has anyone else noticed that there are some bases that you look and go "WOW.... They must have a HUGH crew" then you find out it is occupied by 1, 2, maybe 3 people? I think we should set the flag poles up where if there is one person on the flag pole (the owner) you can only build your base so big. Then if you get a friend in your crew you can add them to the flagpole and build your base bigger and so on and so forth. The catch is that once you are added on the flagpole you have full access to the base (minus safes/peoples personal things). That way you don't have random people adding others to their flagpole so they can build bigger. I feel this is a way to regulate how big a base is to its occupants. How many servers have you seen where there is a clan of 5 people and EACH PERSON has a base that can hold 200 people in it. Seems kinda ridiculous to me but that is just my opinion. So to regulate how big a base is to how many people use it could be simply adding more people to your flagpole that you trust then allows you to build a bigger base.


1 person can build a base containing of 100 objects

2 people on a flagpole can build a base of 150 objects

3 people/200 object base.... so on and so forth
The server owner can then change how many more pieces that each person being added to a flagpole adds to a base. (1 person = 100 pieces, 2 people = initial 100 + (50 or whatever number the server owner feels fit).)

Like I said, this is just an idea but I think it is a logical idea for maintaining how big bases get on a server. 


Side Note:

I understand that the clan would still be able to get around this and buy multiple flagpoles and still build 5 bases with everyone on each base but maybe you can regulate that as well with once you are on a flagpole you can't buy another pole? And if you are on an existing flagpole and decide to "Clan up" then you will have to destroy one base and take your flagpole down before you are allowed to be put on the other persons flagpole.

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Very much love this idea. However I feel 100 is still too damn high for a single person,  (If I'm correct in assuming each "building piece" = 1 object).

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Yes, each building piece = 1 object, but I was just throwing out numbers, they would obviously fine tune it to more reasonable numbers. But I think that it would be smart to do this that way people don't have massive bases that are weighing down a servers performance and there aren't a million bases all over the place that aren't even getting used half the time.

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