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Double Weapon

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I dunno about this - I mean, why would you have a need to carry multiple heavy/long weapons aside from what you can currently do?

You can already carry more than one primary in a backpack (provided it's big enough), along with corresponding ammo.

Like, I can carry a fully decked-out Cyrus with maybe 6 or so mags, but I'll have to ditch it for when I run out of ammo so I can use the MXC (with a max of 3 mags) stashed in my Kitbag while having the RPG-42 and maybe a couple of the smaller rockets for AT - just in case - while having a 4-Five with 1 spare mag as backup.

Why would I want to carry 2 launchers? You're just going to be hampered by the fact that you only have your secondary for personal defence (I don't care if it's a mod secondary - PDW, Skorpion or the MP7A1 (P), you're not gonna defend yourself against jack shit at ranges greater than 100-200m).

Literally the only reason why anyone would want this is for easier weapon reorganization or faster looting from larger crates with obscene amounts of weapons (like what you get from a Hardcore-difficulty AI Base mission or Slum Town)

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