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Two ways to do this in A3XAI;


First of all, download your A3xai_config.pbo. Unpack it and open the config.cpp

First way is to add it to the black list; to do this find dynamicOpticsBlacklist and add it. It should look like my example below;

dynamicOpticsBlacklist[] = {Add_TWS_Classname_here};

Second way is to set up a white list of the kit the AI CAN have. This is done by  Finding "weaponOpticsList" and removing the optics you don't want them from the list. It will look like below.


weaponOpticsList[] = {"optic_NVS","optic_SOS","optic_LRPS","optic_AMS","optic_AMS_khk","optic_AMS_snd","optic_KHS_blk","optic_KHS_hex","optic_KHS_old","optic_KHS_tan","optic_DMS","optic_Arco","optic_Hamr","Elcan_Exile","Elcan_reflex_Exile","optic_MRCO","optic_Holosight","optic_Holosight_smg","optic_Aco","optic_ACO_grn","optic_Aco_smg","optic_ACO_grn_smg","optic_Yorris","optic_MRD"};


Do one or the other, don't try to do both. 

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