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[NG] ricardo

Zombies bewegen sich nicht

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Ich habe alles so gemacht wie es in der readme steht

es spawnen sehr wenige zombies aber laut sound müssten viele da sein und zudem stehen die nur auf der stelle und machen nix.

was könnte ich falsch gemacht haben

da die readme 


Modless Zombies system v1.5Beta

This is a rebuild of the 1st zombie spawner system used for the Exile-Z mod it's made to run client side with no need for server owners to add/edit mods.
The Script can support other mod skins if used all you need to do is replace skins in the code with mod skins you want.

* Dynamic spawns map wide - looks for houses near players
* Zombies damage takes HP off target if close
* Basic loots added to zombies edit in config
* Zombies will find players no matter where they are if in 120m range
* Safezone cleanup check added - checks for ExilePlayerInSafezone 

Known issues:
* Ramdom FPS spikes in patch 1.50
* Zombies might not spawn 1st time on some players when they login after a restart
* Zombies Die on 1 shot - will be fixing this soon 
* Zombies using base models in game has blood effect to them for the zombie look nothing fancy
* Admins Teleportation can brake spawns for admins only seen this on old admin tool
* Running is causing strange BE kicks removed it for now

What's going to be done: (No ETA on this it takes time Real Life comes first)
* Fix one shot zombie kills
* Clean up errors/functions
* Add custom skins/sounds to zombies
* make zombies hurt legs/arms ect 
* Cleanup code 

HOW TO INSTALL - backup your mpmission 1st
1 Download the Script form HERE:
2 copy files in .rar/.zip file to your mpmission folder of choice
3 update your init.sqf with command in scripts init.sqf or add the init.sqf file to your mpmission
4 add #include "zombie\zed.cpp" just above #include "config.cpp" in description.ext
5 edit zombie/config.sqf 
6 repack mpmission and load server!

NOTE: The onplayerrespawn.sqf is used to re-trigger on respawn seems to be a issue in 1.50 patch this is a temp fix found by Ancientevil. Place the 
file into mpmission if you don't have it or add command inside your custom onplayerrespawn.sqf - it works like the init.sqf retriggers code when respawned. 

Battleye Filters: some maybe missing you will have to filter as they show. 

scripts.txt add to execVM line
!"onPlayerRespawn.sqf" !"zombie\config.sqf" !"zombie\fnc_Zcontact.sqf" !"zombie\fnc_ZProximity.sqf" !"compile preprocessFile \"\zombie\fnc_Zcontact.sqf\"\;" !"compile preprocessFile \"\zombie\fnc_ZProximity.sqf\"\;" 

add in Setpos.txt & createVehicule.txt first line :
!"C_man_polo_1_F_euro" !"C_man_polo_2_F_asia" !"C_man_polo_3_F" !"C_man_polo_4_F" !"C_man_polo_5_F" !"C_man_polo_6_F" !"C_man_p_fugitive_F" !"C_scientist_F" !"C_man_hunter_1_F" !"C_journalist_F" !"C_Nikos2" !"C_Driver_1_F" 

setpos.txt - add all to stop the client kicks for zombie movement
1 "" !"Exile_" !"C_man_polo_1_F_euro" !"C_man_polo_2_F_asia" !"C_man_polo_3_F" !"C_man_polo_4_F" !"C_man_polo_5_F" !"C_man_polo_6_F" !"C_man_p_fugitive_F" !"C_scientist_F" !"C_man_hunter_1_F" !"C_journalist_F" !"C_Nikos2" !"C_Driver_1_F" 

Credit to Corvobrok for the basic framework for Proximity triggers it's been reworked to run this script for you all :)          


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