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Hey guys,

I'm wondering if anyone can help me...

I now have a test server on which I want to try Cherno exile.

I was wondering if anyone can help with the Cherno vanilla files after recent update 0.9.61 with basic traders and spawn zones.

This is slightly beyond me hence why I'm asking for help =] Its a community after all =]

I have already installed CUP Terrain and CUP core but that's as far as I have gone so far.... but as far as I know I need a cherno pbo etc :/

Thanks in advanced,


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Okay so I made a pbo and mission.sqm for cherno but when I start the server it stuck on creating and when I join it displays this....


Not sure what it means.

I only have Exile 0.9.61 and CUP Terrain and core




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