Connecting Arma database to website for ingame benifits upon signing up?

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Thats quite simple if you understand how mysql works and have some experience with php

You have to alter your register script on your homepage so that it connects to the exile db and write the changes that you want there.

Just as an example:

I would add a field in the registration where you can enter your steam64id (as an optional field)

then i say in the register.php that if someone has filled in this field with a steam id then search for the corresponding ID in the database and add to the money + 10k

If he has not filled out this field i would give a hint that he user can enter it later in his profile and he will get registration bonus ;)

In addition i would add a control-structure if this steamid was already once given to this player. If yes jsut tell the user he think hes clever but not clever enough :P


Other way could be an event in database. But im not sure if there is a possibility to do events across 2 databases.

Like if there is an update in dbhomepage alter something in dbexile.


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3 hours ago, JackCapwell said:

He is fully within the right of the rules to do this if:

>> BOB connects to server.

>> BOB registers onto website. Enters steam64id in a <form> box.

>> BOB connects back into the server. Then checks poptab balance and has 10K+

>> BOB is Happy. :)

>> Bohemia Interactive is Happy. :) (Maybe ;) )


Nailed it.

Bob is not getting something "game changing and unique". Bob's tabs are free with no strings.

You don't even need to register to monetize with this no money is changing hands.

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30 minutes ago, CEN said:

Registration costs $14.99/mo :ph34r:

I get it. And Bohemia MAY decide to blacklist the ip's, but its not against the monetization policy, sadly. The only consideration under law would be if they charged for access to the server. They are charging for access for the site, which is splitting hairs, but legal, shady, and ultimately will fail, like all others except CCG.

It took me 2 months to be approved for my monetization "perks", which most mods now provide anyway lol.

I have custom flags, and a wastedump trader OUTSIDE of the base of players. Its a one time donation of whatever the players want, and yes I have gotten $0.50 for that perk. I get more donations that are actual donations, than from monetization.

2 months...  lol!



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