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Hey guys, first sorta release post and not sure if it should go here and most may not really need it but thought i would help out. 

This is just a small server side addon for those of you server owners that still use AiA since it is better than cups BUT is not longer supported. Since the 1.60 update alot of class names changed on the default A3 .pbs. There for throwing a number of errors when using 3rd party mods such as AiA and few others. This simply adds those missing class names back in. Allowing the server to auto restart with out errors. You can even reference the new class name to the old class name IF you know it. If they will actually work is a toss up. This is really just to get the errors to quit so you can keep the server up and restating. Very simple, and there for no real need for any copyright that i know of. Im sure someone will tell me. And if this isnt the right place, please let me know or move me. Hope it all helps. 


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