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Falsche signature

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ich habe einen Mod den ich mir zusätzlich gedownloadet habe verändert und wieder als PBO gepackt und auf server hochgeladen, aber wenn ich auf server gehen will werde ich wegen falscher signature gekickt....Ich habe lediglich die PBO aus dem Addons ordner entpackt, daten bearbeitet und wieder als PBO gepackt und anschließend auf dem server sowie meinem Client hochgeladen. Aber dennoch kickt mich der server.

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Stell mal in deiner Config.cfg die Zeile  verifySignatures von 2 auf 0....


What is checked

Player connecting to a checked server is allowed to have present only addons which are signed by accepted signature. Any player not complying to this is detected, and based on server configuration a message in this sense may be displayed, or he may be kicked out, or another action defined by the server admin may be done.

Player cannot do any of the following if he wants to pass signature verification:

  • modify signed addons
  • use unsigned addons
  • use addons which are signed, but not by an accepted signature

If player wants to use unsigned addons when playing single player or when playing on other servers not testing for this, he needs to make sure such addons are not loaded before connecting to the checked server. This can be done using modfolders or by using some 3rd party addon management utilities.

Quelle: bistudio - wiki

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