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Looking for a AUS server modder/Exile admin

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Hey guys.

Just started up a new exile server just finished installing infistar.

Its a clean server with no roaming ai, zombies, status bar etc and would be much appreciated if someone who has admin and modding experience that could help me set up the server.

i would like to set up the loot tables where only clothing, basic guns, food and water can be found in houses. Factories have your building supplies, military bases with gun, ammo, mines etc


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Hello There,

I saw your exile mod post about helping a person with a server setting it up.

I myself have purchased a tanoa server with gtx gaming and were really new to this modding servers. 

We really would appreciate some help from someone with the knowledge we dont have currently.

If you are willing to help us or willing to be an admin for us and help us admins learn modding that would be greatly appreciated

If your willing to help please add either of us to steam our ids are :    VipersBlade1 or  rektzgaming


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