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If you know of a way to get building classname within game, grab one of them and search for the classname in your server files using a tool like Agent Ransack or something.

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7 hours ago, Skittle said:


About 3 weeks ago a group of us set up and exile sever on the cherno map. We had one person dealing with all the files, its not something I have any knowledge of. This one person broke it, and now we are in a mess. The sever is running on a dedicated box, its up and is playable, however, there are problems and the files are a mess and nothing seems to be where is should be. 

I was wondering if there is anyone on here that would be willing to fix it, tidy it up and add a few things. I'm kinda desperate now, having paid out for it all and pulling my hair out for days, 9 hours sleep in 72 hours. 

I'm now even willing to pay someone to fix it 

Take a screen shot of your directory, specifically what is in @ExileServer\addons and \mpmissions. I have a feeling he put the custom buildings in its own PBO, much like I do. Also, some people here are right. If you don't want to learn you have no business running one. I highly suggest you cut your losses and start fresh so you get familiar with how it all works. That way YOU can maintain it and YOU can update it without having to rely on others for basic information.

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