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Need help with network issues

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Alright so I bought a poweredge 2950 server so I can run my server files and headless clients so my main machine which I have been testing on doesn't lag. The issues I am having are that I am no able to join my own server on my own network. I tried with the internal IP of the server still nothing and even DMS+ mode on my router which still didn't work. It worked one night perfectly but then after some windows updates and a restart I was unable to join in the morning. I have ports 2300-2350 UDP & TCP and my server is on 2302. At one point I could join, my friend could join but only because he is using the same ISP as me (AT&T) and then other users non AT&T had to port forward to even see it. I know that my port forwarding is correct due to my teamspeak 3 server hosted on my server because my friends who cannot see the arma 3 server can connect to that aswell as a test minecraft server we did which is why this is puzzling me so much. 


If any help is given thank you I have worked on this for a while and do not know what to do thanks.

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