What would you like to see from an Exile Server?

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17 hours ago, z3sp said:

It is difficult to cater to what people want.


There are 2 servers styles that I really want to push and experiment with.


1: The Realism Server

- A More tactical Exile environment where players are rewarded more for grouping up and taking out NPCS rather than players.

- TFR (Or any other realistic Radio Environment)

- Loot is scarce, limited to 1st person, limited hud, nightime.

- Custom Map (Rather than the ArmA map) to make it more "survivaly"

- ect ect.


2: An RPG Styled Server

Ambitious but rare

- Leveling System for completing missions or "Quests" from NPCs

- Weapons/Items, Basically all loot categorised in order of rarity (Common to Legendary ect)

 = Common guns have 0 attachments and no camo

 = Legendary guns are named with 3 attachments and a camo 

- Titles and Insignias for completing quests

- A permanent "guild system"

- Guild Wars

Again, Ambitious.


I will probably set up both styled servers locally before bringing it through server hosting.


Thats my 10 pence.

*** EDIT ***

3rd person looking through walls can be fixed via script which kills players if they attempt to do it

both sound absolutely amazing, i would love to play on both, i would prefer rpg i think, i'm guessing it'll be 1st person too? if not hardcore is better choice for sure. either way if u need help with rpg stuff i'm pretty much doing same stuff, so i know a thing or 2 already, if i can help i'll gladly do it.


P.S. i would love to see that script with 3rd person thing :D:D:D 90% of deaths on the server would be from that script lol hahaha.

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@King Of Hell From my experience, the reason that people don't play on first person servers is that it is difficult to get people to play on them, however once you have a truly immersive, heart pounding experience in first person there is no going back. I would like to submit the following reasons everyone is convinced first person cannot be done.

1) A true first person, hardcore, experience must be focused on immersion. However, most scripts and addons that are currently out there are created for a more arcade-like experience.

2) It takes time to build a community and pull the people that love first person back into the fold. The type of player that likes first person are going to be turned away from high-militarization and low investment, which is what Exile currently excels at. 

3) Most servers implement an endgame that is focused on fighting AI for 'something to do', and because of how Arma does AI fighting them in first person can be very frustrating.

4) Because of the realities of hacking in Arma, the advantage to hackers in first person is greatly enhanced.

5) Other mods, like TacBF, have a hold on those that crave the immersive experience because they simply do it better than any exile server.

That being said, our group has ran a fun and relatively successful hardcore server for Arma 2 based on Epoch, before most players abandoned ship for DayZ standalone and Arma III. We are currently developing a Tanoa server for Arma 3, but getting it right takes time. I think there are many people lurking on these forums that want that kind of experience in a persistent sandbox.

I have hope that we will see more servers along the realism track mostly because I have not seen any mod in the Arma community that is more dedicated to making it easy to create and configure a server however you want. I have hope that Exile is the place to rally those that love a first person experience, but it will not be as simple as opening a server titled '1PP | HARDCORE | NOT FOR PUSSYS | REALISTIC' and waiting for people to come.

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