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Script Restriction #19

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Hey guys I've started a Takistan server and have been using the Battleye Filters Tool for a while now but this one has me stuck, it happens when I access the aircraft trader at my airfield so I'm thinking maybe it just hasn't come up before for anyone or it might have something to do with the vehicle spawn as I've had to move the aircraft traders to the airfields on Takistan, I'm not an expert but just a thought..

0c7bb90e5eea9cda0c0e221e76b3a3a0 - #19 " = objNull; 
ExileClientModelBoxBackgroundObject = "Exile_Helper_50mBox" createVehicleLocal ExileClientModelBoxPosition;

What I get back from the filters tool but I've put it in multiple times and still comes up...

!=" = objNull; \nExileClientModelBoxBackgroundObject = "Exile_Helper_50mBox" createVehicleLocal ExileClientModelBoxPosition;\nExileCl"

Any help would be amazing... 

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