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Im looking for a clan to join to play on the Esseker map, either with or without zombies I don't mind.

Still learning about the game but can hold my own and learn extremely fast. Im 22, mature (but can dish out the banter), and looking for a fun bunch of people who don't mind me cocking up from time to time. Also someone to teach me to fly would be perfect (I can take off, and fly, just the landings I need work on :P) 

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Where are you located? I play Esseker w/ zombies almost exclusively. I don't have a "clan" but have a friend or two I run with but they have been growing bored of Exile. I am in the US and usually play on US Bravo or Sager Gaming Esseker servers. If you wouldn't mind just running as a 2 man (maybe 3 or 4 man at most if my other friends decide to play) I'd be down depending on your normal play hours and what not.

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