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When I see these in my logs does it clearly mean they are trying to glitch into somebodies base and that I should take action? Sorry new to infistar and just want to make sure I am not jumping the gun. Also is there a way for me to teleport myself to the given location to find out what is going on or if it is owned by the offender. Thanks.

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might have been some situation where they sticked the head through a wall to look through or vaulted into it, or parked a vehicle close to a wall and used get out and would have glitched through it without the intention to do that

sometimes "glitches" happen without people actually willing to do that.

I would just spectate them or teleport to them invisibly (they can hear your footsteps, be careful with that) and watch them

you can not really get to that position unless you look at the map and tp t o the coords :) or if you use tp to player

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