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I've got a lot of experience in setting up loot tables and adding spawn points to buildings. I've done it successfully in the past.

Now I'm trying to set up loot on a new map that doesn't have the loot positions by default, so I created the positions. At fist, I did the same thing I did when I added new buildings to other servers. I created an .hpp file with the loot positions and in config.cpp, I added this inside of the class CfgBuildings: #include "alllootpositions.hpp". That loaded the file "alllootpositions.hpp" and loot spawned inside those buildings as expected. 

Now, I've done the same thing for this map and loot isn't spawning in any of the buildings specific to that map. It's spawning loot into buildings that are not specific to that map. There are no errors in my server log. Does a map need to have something special that would allow loot to spawn on it besides what I've described?

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