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Hi folks,

Got tired of Ark with over 2300 hrs playing/Admin.

 I am trying to setup my first Arma III Exile server but falling at the first hurdle. I use Nitrado hosting, Arma III client is a fresh steam install and download of Exile mod from your web site. Nitrado have a selection of mods and I have been told Exile is one of the best. So installed Arma III (Altis) from the list all fine so far.

Tried to connect to my server initially got "BattlEye: RemoteExec Restriction #0" error, looked around for solution which came from Wasteland site pointing me to BattlEye updated filters on a github site. Followed the instructions and tried to log on BattlEye error gone.

I now have an error popup with a list of all the .pbo files in the @Exile\addons folder saying "are not signed by a key accepted by this server. To play on this server, remove listed files or install additional accepted keys. I tried the remove files came back saying Exile was deleted. I have looked around and can't find a fix for this. I'm wondering if anyone here has any ideas. I was wondering if the key files I put on the server need to be on the client but all was vanilla install, scratching my head now.

Thanks in advance

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cheers will check it out.

lol I went out at about 16:30 having unistalled the server and my client to leave them reinstalling so when I got back all I had to do was put the @Exile folder in then start going through what Mr Sin had advised to do. Guess what. all is working fine no errors or anything died because I didn't know how to open my parachute but hey it's working. Nitrado must have done something, I think the server version is different. But at least I got a good look around the file structure and what files do what. Now to play and have some fun before I learn how to tweek the server for better game play.

Again thanks for the info Mr Sin I was prepared for a long night but not going to happen well not learning BE ant how :)

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